Yaneth Grajales, RDH

Tsar Dental Excellence

Yaneth Grajales, RDH
YanethYaneth Grajales (Janette), RDH
Dental Hygienist
Yaneth Grajales (Janette) has been involved with dentistry from the moment she graduated from high school. Yaneth worked behind the desk as an insurance coordinator when she realized her true passion for dental hygiene. Once Yaneth became a dental hygienist, she worked for specialists, such as, prosthodontists and periodontist. She invested many years working at a holistic dental practice where she learned and gained vast experience that she is now contributing to Tsar Dental Excellence. On her free time, Yaneth enjoys singing at church, playing the guitar and the piano. She also loves spending time with family – her little girl, step sons and husband.