What to Expect from a Jupiter Neuromuscular Dentist

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What to Expect from a Jupiter Neuromuscular Dentist


If you are having problems with the functioning of your mouth or with your teeth, you may need to seek the aid of a Jupiter neuromuscular dentist. A neuromuscular dentist is responsible for the health of the teeth and gums as well as the entire functional system of the mouth. This includes your teeth, joints on the jaw and facial muscles that are used to open and close the mouth. A neuromuscular dentist works to ensure proper balance the different parts of this system when patients have problems with pain or functioning.

Neuromuscular dentists can help people with bite misalignment, pain in the face, TMJ as well as those who require cosmetic improvements to their smile and teeth restoration. No matter what sort of a change you wish to make on your teeth, a neuromuscular dentist’s assistance is essential to make sure that it does not interfere with the normal functioning of your mouth.

A muscle and joint palpation is one of the most basic diagnostic tools that are used by neuromuscular dentists to determine the functionality of your bite. The dentist will require you to open your mouth, close it and clench your teeth to identify if there are any imbalances with the bite. Patients will have to properly indicate any painful areas or discomforts as any pain in the palpated areas may be a sign of some sort of an imbalance. The dentist will also look for any locks, catches, clicks and pops in the joints which are also key indicators of a bite imbalance. All of your symptoms will be carefully noted down during the examination to figure out the next step.

The results of the exam will then be analyzed to figure out what is wrong with your mouth and any treatments necessary. The neuromuscular dentist may also require additional testing in some cases. Options such as computerized diagnostic tests can be of great help to pin point the imbalance and its exact amount. Treatments come in many forms. From surgery to wearing orthotic devices that are worn for a while, there are different options available for different conditions. The neuromuscular dentist is also responsible for providing the patient with the necessary information to care for the mouth after the treatments have been completed.

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