West Palm Beach Cosmetic Dentists on Bad Habits that Harm your Teeth

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West Palm Beach Cosmetic Dentists on Bad Habits that Harm your Teeth

woman_eating_apple_187365-300x200Many people who seek out West Palm Beach cosmetic dentists are attempting to get a straighter, whiter and more beautiful smile. While you may think that most problems with the appearance of your teeth are a result of neglect and poor dental hygiene, for many people, they are a result of various bad habits.

Thumb sucking

This is a bad habit that is developed at a young age. While thumb sucking may provide them with comfort, a child who continues the habit after their permanent teeth have come in is at great risk of permanent teeth problems. These include misaligned teeth, crooked teeth and may lead to other issues such as breathing and chewing problems later on. If your child has taken up thumb sucking, be sure to take the necessary steps to break the habit immediately.

Eating foods high in acid content

Biting into foods with high acid content such as lemons can lead to enamel erosion which results in rough textured teeth. This may lead to discoloration and sensitive teeth later on.

Grinding and clenching teeth

Clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth are not necessarily done deliberately. These habits are generally triggered by stress and can put a great deal of pressure on your teeth that eventually lead to fractures and microfractures. If you have had any dental work done, clenching and grinding may damage it in the long run. If you grind or clench your teeth all the time or suspect that you do so in your sleep, be sure to consult a TMJ dentist to treat the problem immediately before your teeth become severely damaged.

Using your teeth as a tool

Whenever you can’t find a pair of scissors within reach to open a package, cut a tag or to unscrew a bottle, you end up using your teeth as a tool to get it done quickly. In reality, teeth are not designed to unscrew bottle caps, cut through plastic or to act as pliers or hooks and if you continue to use them for these purposes, you may end up causing them some serious damage. Chipping, fracturing and cracking teeth are very real possibilities when you use your teeth as a tool.

Chewing on pens, pencils and other things

Some people tend to chew their nails, pens, pencils and eyeglasses while concentrating on something. Since they are concentrating on the task, they are not aware of the pressure that is placed on the teeth. If this is done continuously, it can lead to cracked, chipped or shifted teeth. Be sure to stop yourself from chewing on anything other than food to prevent further damage.

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