TMJ Facts from Top Palm Beach TMJ Dentists

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TMJ Facts from Top Palm Beach TMJ Dentists

253_8512x5696_all-free-download.com_9136624-300x184TMD or Temporomandibular Disorder refers to a selection of conditions that affect the Temporomandibular joints that are located on either side of the head. The Temporomandibular joints work with a complex muscular system, bones, discs and ligaments to make movements such as talking or chewing possible. According to top Palm Beach TMJ dentists, TMD is more common in women of childbearing age more than men.

The symptoms of TMD include pain inside or around the ear, tender jaw muscles, headaches and neck pain as well as pain in the jaw when yawning, biting or chewing. Some people also experience difficulties in opening the mouth as well as popping or clicking sounds. Some experience teeth sensitivity despite not having any other dental problems. These symptoms may occur when the jaw becomes twisted during opening, closing or side movements.

An improper bite, dislocated jaws, jaw injury, stress and arthritis are among the most common causes of TMD. If you ask a Palm Beach TMJ dentist, they will tell you that the exact causes of TMD are not yet identified and the diagnosis of the disorder may be quite confusing. In most cases, your symptoms and a physical exam of the jaw and the face by a TMJ dentist may provide the necessary information to come up with a diagnosis. Patients may have to take x-rays and to make a cast of your teeth to examine your bite mark. Additionally, a patient’s complete medical history and dental records may also be examined.

As for the treatments, patients are most likely to be recommended to choose a suitable form of pain relief such as over-the-counter medication. Those who are stressed will be requested to obtain relaxation training and to use a nightguard to prevent nighttime teeth grinding. As for those with poor dental alignment, some form of orthodontic treatment may be recommended.

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