Tsar Dental Excellence


Make sure you choose Tsar Dental for your next dentist visit! Personally am not a big fan of the dentist but my visits to Tsar Dental are a treat. Dr Val and Natalia are so understanding to my needs. My teeth are not the greatest and most dentists pushed me to sell the farm and invest in my mouth. Dr Val was great, he reviewed all of the options and we created a plan which I could afford. A friend of mine had referred me to Tsar Dental and I could see why; from the moment I walked in the door. The office is the most modern I have ever been in, the staff was warm and welcoming, all of my treatments have been done with care and precision, and they have done such an impeccable job with getting my teeth to look incredible on my budget.
-Douglas I

HI Tonya – will you please tell Natalia how much I appreciate her time, attention and care with me yesterday. I like Val a lot – he’s a class act, and I’m looking forward to a growing friendship (and I really appreciated our brief conversation on BASH yesterday, please tell him). BUT I have to say – he and I are just going to be buddies, because after Natalia, I don’t think I’ll ever go to a male dentist again. Natalia is so thorough and patient, so gentle and careful. I think she’s terrific.
So – to answer your question directly, I have no pain. Thus far, I’ve not felt sensitive to hot or cold. I can feel a little bit of soreness, but its not bad. I’ve not taken anything and only rinsed with salt water once. I have brushed with the new sonic a couple of times, but not flossed yet.

Dear Dr. Natalia,
You are a great dentist. I shall highly recommend you! I love your office and your staff are so professional. You even made me almost like dental work.
See you in October,
-Maureen H

Been to a few dentists in my time. This was by far the best experience I’ve ever had. Office is very clean and elegant yet it’s also warm and inviting not stiff or pretentious at all. Staff were very friendly and helpful. I went to get an amalgam filling replaced and she not only replaced the filling but did a brief adjustment on a filling I had done by my previous dentist and was having some pain from. Pain is now gone and my bite feels natural again and that wasn’t even what I was seeing her for! She went above and beyond anything I’ve ever experienced from another dentist. Being a healthcare professional myself I know it’s important for the patient to feel like they are being cared for and not just hurried through so the doctor can move on to the next one. If I wasn’t moving she would definitely be the only dentist I’d see again. Price is on the higher side and quite frankly I was skeptical about it at first but it’s absolutely worth it. Excellent quality of care and workmanship, excellent professionalism, warm and welcoming atmosphere. Can’t recommend highly enough.
-Stephen S

Dr. Natalia Tsar and her staff are absolutely AMAZING. I was severely traumatized as a child with a dental experience that kept me away from routine dental check-ups for decades. I was so fortunate to locate Dr. Tsar, as I was looking for an office close to my home. This turned out to be one of my greatest, unexpected blessings. The office itself is upscale, immaculate and inviting. The rooms are so modernized that you know you’re getting a cutting-edge experience by presentation alone. Dr. Tsar is a perfectionist! She takes such pride in giving you and your family ‘EXCELLENCE’ that 9 out of 10 times she hits the bulls eye. Because of her comforting and professional way, she has convinced me to get the work done on my mouth I should have had looonnng ago. She takes care of my family, she knows us and we wouldn’t trust anyone else with our dental care needs. The Price Family HIGHLY recommends this practice. I only wish she was practicing when I was a kid (my kids have it soooo easy)!
-Tangela P

To Dr. Natalia & Staff,
First, I would like to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate the love, kindness, and undivided attention you showed me. As a patient, I felt like I was at home away from home.

Then, the most important of all is how much better I am feeling. Not just relief of the pain, but how I feel overall about myself. Since you have extracted my tooth and gave me a new smile, I feel beautiful and people have noticed. My friends are asking me what I have done to myself and if I got a facelift. I am proud to tell them, “Thanks to my Dentist for the awesome job she has done for me, this is the reason I have this youthful look.

Finally, I would like to give a special thanks to you Dr. Natalie. For years I have suffered from dizziness and headaches with no one to tell me why. You listened to me and were able to give the correct diagnosis and treat me. Thanks to you, your expertise, and state of the art equipment, you were able to take care of my mouth and the muscles in my face. I am now feeling much better. I will be telling all my friends and family to come to you.

I thank you and your staff for everything and I love you guys.

With love and sincere gratitude,