Palm Beach Sedation Dentistry Experts on Their Practices

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Palm Beach Sedation Dentistry Experts on Their Practices

sedation-dentistry-300x127If you are seeking for Palm Beach sedation dentistry professional, it would help to know what sort of services they have to offer. Sedation dentistry involves medication (sedatives) to allow patients to relax during various dental procedures. The practice is also referred to as sleep dentistry but it is quite usual for patients to be awake during the procedure unless they are under general anesthesia.

There are many people who have a fear of dentists. For some, the fear and anxiety often prevents them from visiting dentists to manage their oral health. Sedation dentistry is a great choice for people with a lower pain threshold, inability to stay still on the dentist’s chair, have a bad gag reflex, have highly sensitive teeth or need a lot of dental work to be done. Children are most likely to need sedation dentistry as some of them are terrified of having a dentist work in their mouth. Sometimes, children may even refuse to cooperate. Nitrous oxide is a widely used sedative in sedation dentistry and is safe to be used on children by just about any dentist. Sedation on children is always safe when the ideal dose is calculated with regard to the child’s weight and age.

While most dentists are capable of administering sedation to a minimum, only a small percentage of dentists with the Commission on Dental Accreditation certification in general anesthesia and deep sedation can all levels of sedation to adults and children.

Sedation dentistry is usually very safe especially when administered by a well-qualified professional. However, anesthesia does have its risks. Those who are obese or suffering from obstructive sleep apnea are recommended to discuss their issues with the doctor before being sedated as the anesthesia may lead to various complications for them. The patient should always provide their full medical history to the doctor before undergoing anesthesia (this includes any current medication that they are on). As long as the sedative is appropriate for your health, weight and age as well as approved by the FDA, there is nothing to worry about.

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