Palm Beach Cosmetic Dentists on How to Fit Veneers

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Palm Beach Cosmetic Dentists on How to Fit Veneers

young_girl_smiling_208032-300x200Dental veneers are porcelain caps that are designed to fit neatly over an original tooth in order to correct various issues. If you are hoping to obtain veneers from Palm Beach cosmetic dentists, it would be best to know how they are fitted.

For veneers to create a beautiful smile, they have to look natural and fit perfectly. To achieve this, cosmetic dentists will shave the original tooth a little so that the veneers will sit at the same level as your other teeth without jutting out. This step is crucial for the creation of a natural smile. Be sure to go through your chosen cosmetic dentist’s past work to see that they are well experienced to handle your teeth.

The dentist will first consider your requirements and explain the process and pricing. During the procedure, the affected tooth or teeth will be numbed to allow for a thin layer of the enamel to be shaven off. Once again, your veneers need to be perfectly fitted to create a natural look. If the problem teeth are slanted or crooked, the cosmetic dentist will shave off a little more than the veneer’s width to allow for a perfect fit and straighter appearance.

After the preparation of your teeth, the dentist will make an impression of your teeth with dental putty. This is a common procedure in orthodontics and is essential to create a mold of your teeth to build the new veneers. Once their color, fit and shape are carefully discussed, they can be cemented on permanently.

In order to create a stronger bond between the tooth and veneer, the dentist will use an etching gel to roughen up the enamel surface. This gel contains a small amount of phosphoric acid and creates a rough texture that will result in a stronger bond with the veneers. The veneers are then fitted on to the tooth with dental cement. The moisture content and temperature of the cement will have to be carefully managed with the aid of a special light. This process, known as the ‘curing’ will take a few minutes and will firmly attach the veneers to your teeth.

Once the veneers are completely fitted, the dentist will look for any excess cement and polish the veneers to create the desired shape until you have your perfect smile.

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