How Dental Implants are Done by Jupiter Cosmetic Dentists

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How Dental Implants are Done by Jupiter Cosmetic Dentists

tooth_molar_clip_art_19357-266x300If you have lost a tooth or had to take one out, it can be easily replaced with dental implants. If the gap from a lost tooth is kept for prolonged periods of time, there is a possibility that the rest of the teeth may warp towards the gap in an attempt to close it. If you have a lost tooth, the next step should be to seek a dental implants professional to close the gap immediately. Dental implant surgery is performed occasionally in hospitals and most frequently in dentist’s offices. In most cases, local anesthesia is sufficient but other methods of sedation such as nitrous oxide or intravenous sedation are also used in some cases.

The most popular method of placing dental implants is through ‘staged surgery’. This is a three step procedure that takes a bit of time to complete. The first stage of the process will bury the implant underneath the gum and allows it to heal and integrate. After it has healed, your cosmetic dentist will connect an abutment that is either custom molded or stock-manufactured. After a while, the gum around the abutment will heal and form a collar or cuff. The third step is restoration where a prosthetic tooth is added to the abutment. As it is evident, this is a time consuming process that should allow plenty of healing time in between.

There is also a one-step surgery where a non-submerged, one-piece implant with a built-in metal collar that protrudes through the gum is installed. After it has healed, an abutment is introduced to the implant so that the crown can be fabricated in place of the missing tooth. Another form of this method involves the introduction of a temporary healing abutment to the implant that protrudes out of the gum similar to the one-piece implant. Both the single stage and two stage methods have similar success rates and it is best to discuss what suits you best with your Jupiter cosmetic dentists.

Thanks to modern advancements, dental implant surgery can assure success rates as high as above 90% in most patients. In the event an implant is not successfully integrated, it will have to be removed. You will receive advice from your dentist regarding the matter. A replacement implant will require several months to heal and even bone augmentation.

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