Full Mouth Reconstruction – Facts from Jupiter Cosmetic Dentists

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Full Mouth Reconstruction – Facts from Jupiter Cosmetic Dentists

smiling_woman_with_a_flower_198726-200x300Full mouth reconstruction, rehabilitation and restoration are used to describe the process of restoring or rebuilding all of the teeth located on both jaws. The procedure is typically performed by a cosmetic dentist, restorative dentists, orthodontists or peridontists. According to Jupiter cosmetic dentists, full mouth reconstruction may be necessary in the event of fractured or injured teeth, lost teeth from trauma or decay and eroded teeth from food, acid reflux and bruxism. The procedure is also recommended for those who require bite adjustments due to headaches, jaw pain and muscle pains.

If you are in need of a full mouth restoration and rehabilitation, then you will need to have your mouth fully examined by your dentist. The extent of the problem and available treatment options for correcting the issue. The dentist will also examine your teeth condition, the state of your gums and whether you have a stable bite. Additionally, the esthetics such as the proportions, size, shape and color of your teeth will also be taken into consideration before the procedure is arranged. The dentist will require past records of your teeth including photographs, X-rays and impressions of your full mouth. In some cases, the dentist may refer you to other specialists to obtain consultations so that the proper treatment option for your specific situation can be determined.

Once all the information is obtained, the dentist will devise a comprehensive treatment plan to correct all the issues in your mouth. Of course, the process will be described to you in full detail so that you can fully comprehend what will happen. Different cases require different procedures to correct the problems. While your dental care professional and specialists are the only ones who can determine the right procedures needed in your specific situation, you may look into alternative treatments under their guidance.

It is quite normal for a full mouth reconstruction to take multiple visits to the office and several treatment phases. Taking a few months and up to 12 months or even more is not uncommon depending on the complexity of the situation. Every full mouth reconstruction case is unique and the procedure changes accordingly. To ensure the best results, be sure to seek the assistance of a dental care professional with the right level of expertise and plenty of past experience in cases similar to yours.

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