Dental Filling Options from Wellington Cosmetic Dentists

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Dental Filling Options from Wellington Cosmetic Dentists

stylized_smiling_healthy_tooth_212828-184x300If your Wellington cosmetic dentists are recommending dental fillings for you, then you may want to learn about the available options. Dental implants come in several different types and are used in different situations. Nowadays, dental fillings are available in porcelain, gold, silver, amalgam, plastic, composite materials and glass ionomer. You can also get tooth colored fillings if your cavity is somewhere easily visible. The choice among these different options depends on the extent of damage to your tooth, the cost, the coverage options provided by your insurance plan and the recommendation of your cosmetic dentist.

Gold fillings – Gold fillings last over a decade and are not subject to corrosion. These fillings are great for withstanding the force of chewing and are much more durable in comparison to most other fillings. However, gold fillings are expensive and require a minimum of 2 office visits to install.

Silver fillings – Silver fillings are also known as Amalgams and are also highly durable in comparison to other fillings. These too can withstand the force of chewing and are much less expensive in comparison to composite fillings. Silver fillings are not very aesthetically pleasing and may require a considerably portion of the tooth to be removed to create a space. It is very important to make sure that you are not allergic to Mercury if you are intending on getting Amalgam fillings.

Tooth colored fillings – These are a great option as they can be chosen to match the exact shade of your teeth. Therefore, these are much more aesthetically pleasing and are better suited for front teeth and other visible parts of the mouth. These fillings bond well with the structure of the tooth and don’t require a lot of the tooth to be removed for the procedure. Tooth color filling composites can also be effectively used to repair chipped, worn or broken teeth. The main disadvantage of these fillings is their lack of durability in comparison to amalgam fillings.

Ceramic fillings – These fillings are made from porcelain and are a great option as they provide many benefits. Despite being about as expensive as gold fillings, ceramic fillings are just as durable and are resistant to staining.

Glass ionomer fillings – These fillings are made with a combination of a specific type of glass and acrylic. Glass ionomer fillings are often used when fillings are needed below the gum line and when children need fillings. This material releases fluoride which helps to prevent further decal to the tooth. In comparison to other materials glass ionomer fillings are rather weak and may become fractured after a while.

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