All about Tooth Colored Fillings from Jupiter Cosmetic Dentists

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All about Tooth Colored Fillings from Jupiter Cosmetic Dentists

tooth_teeth_120438-248x300According to Jupiter cosmetic dentists, tooth colored fillings are a great option for those who would like their fillings to match their teeth as much as possible. Tooth colored fillings appear natural and can be used at the front or at the back of the mouth. These are made from composite resins that are highly durable and are resistant to small to medium fractures. Aside from matching the teeth, the composite resins are also capable of withstanding the pressure created from chewing.

In comparison to a metal filling, a composite resin filling will take a longer time. The tooth has to be kept as clean and dry as possible during the cavity filling process and appear natural. Therefore, when someone has a cavity on a tooth that is visible, a tooth colored filling makes the perfect choice. In reality, compared to amalgam or gold tooth fillings, patients request composite resin fillings more from cosmetic dentists.

Tooth colored fillings do not require any grooves, pins or slots for their placement as they are able to bond with the structure of the tooth chemically. This way, the structure of the tooth will not be damaged any further to add a filling. Additionally, adding a tooth colored filling is considered to restore about 85% of the tooth’s original strength. They are able to harden fast and rarely cause any sensitivity in the tooth.

Composite resins often cost more than amalgam fillings. One of the main disadvantages of tooth colored fillings is that they are not covered by some insurance policies. There is also some concern about the fact that composite fillings generally do not last as long as amalgam fillings. This means that they will have to be replaced occasionally. In the case of damages and general wear and tear, composite resin fillings can be repaired easily.

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