Services Provided by Palm Beach Prosthodontics Professionals

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Services Provided by Palm Beach Prosthodontics Professionals

smile_laugh_girl_240634-300x170Prosthodontics is a specialized field of dentistry. Those who seek for Palm Beach prosthodontics professionals are hoping for treatments that are created to fix various structural problems with the teeth and the jaw. The treatments are designed to create balanced functionality, aesthetics and longevity. Here are some of the services provided by prosthodontists,

Aesthetic reconstructive dentistry services

This is a highly advanced approach to implanting teeth with a more sound connection between the living bone and implants. Dental implants are needed in different situations and extra measures are often taken to make sure that the results appear and function naturally.

Bonded restorations

Bonded restorations are a type of cosmetic dentistry that are used to create white, straight and beautiful smiles. Regardless of the cause behind crooked, damaged or unattractive teeth, bonded restorations are effective at fixing a range of issues such as cracks, wear and tear, chips, unevenness and major discoloration of teeth.


Crowns are made from metal, ceramic or a combination of the two materials and are used to repair damaged teeth. These are a rather expensive option but the results last up to a decade or even longer with the proper care. Crowns are designed to match the exact same color and appearance of the existing teeth.


Bridges are used as a restorative option for those with missing teeth. Dental bridges come in implant supported or tooth supported varieties. These are effectively used in place of removable partial dentures.

Removable complete dentures

Removable complete dentures are designed as teeth replacements for the whole mouth. These are of great help to those who have lost all of their teeth. The cause of teeth loss can be age, poor oral hygiene or trauma. Removable complete dentures are designed to provide patients with the ability to bite and chew as normal as well as to maintain an appealing appearance. Patients may take some time to adapt to removable dentures. The pressing and rubbing of the dentures may result in sores in the first stages and repeated visits to a prosthodontist for further adjustments.

Removable and fixed partial dentures

Removable and fixed partial dentures are created for partially edentulous people. Some people prefer the fixed version while others go with the removable version. The cost of removable and fixed partial dentures removes on the number of missing teeth and the materials from which the dentures are constructed.

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