Jupiter Cosmetic Dentists On the Effects of Amalgam Fillings

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Jupiter Cosmetic Dentists On the Effects of Amalgam Fillings

12123-300x296According to Jupiter cosmetic dentists, there has been quite a bit of controversy about amalgam or silver tooth fillings. As per the results of a survey, over 70% of people in the US were not aware that silver or amalgam fillings contained mercury. In fact, mercury filling removal became quite popular over the past few years.

Mercury is a highly powerful neurotoxin with the ability to cause a range of illnesses such as mental problems, chronic illnesses and autoimmune disease. Amalgam fillings are made up of a combination of metals including, silver, tin, copper and mercury. In some mixtures, small amounts of palladium, indium or zinc are used as well. Nowadays, amalgam fillings are not as commonly used due to the toxicity controversy and due to the wide availability of various tooth colored fillings.

Amalgam contains mercury in order to make the filling mixture pliable to seal the cavity. When mercury is mixed in with the other metals (in powder form), the mixture becomes soft enough to be molded into any tooth. Amalgam hardens rapidly and has the ability to withstand a great deal of wear, tear and force from daily use.

Mercury is a naturally occurring metal in the environment and exposure is inevitable for just about anyone. However, if a person is exposed to high quantities of mercury on a regular basis, the metal can build up in the organs and cause various problems in time. While very low, general exposure does not result in any harm to the body, high levels (such as those encountered by those who work closely with the metal on a daily basis) can cause various symptoms. Symptoms of mercury exposure include fatigue, loss of memory and behavioral issues.

As for removing your mercury fillings, most cosmetic dentists recommend discussing it with a dental practitioner before taking action. If you are particularly concerned about exposure and are in need of a filling, you can seek out an amalgam-free practice. If you currently have an amalgam filling, be sure to check on it regularly for any signs of decay, wear and breakage as they can be replaced with tooth colored fillings.

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