Fixing Misaligned Teeth – Facts from Jupiter TMJ Dentists

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Fixing Misaligned Teeth – Facts from Jupiter TMJ Dentists

women_sexy_lip_picture_1_167906-293x300Most people seek the help of Jupiter TMJ dentists to fix misaligned teeth. In reality, teeth can grow overlapped, twisted or crooked due to a number of reasons. Aside from creating problems with the appearance, misaligned teeth can also cause various problems such as TMD.

Your TMJ dentist or orthodontist can help diagnose the misalignment issue and to decide the ideal treatment option. For some people, removable retainers are prescribed to fix the position of the teeth. If the teeth are overcrowded, a few teeth will have to be removed. Braces are the most common way to treat misalignment. However, in certain rare cases, operations may be required to fix underbites or overbites that are extremely prominent.

Misaligned teeth can cause various problems such as interfering with chewing, increasing the risk of cavities and decay, strain the jaws and also lead to self-esteem problems if they are prominent. If your misalignment issue leads to TMD, then your dentist will recommend a TMJ dentist to look at your teeth.

The type of treatment will depend on the type of misalignment that you have. Your dentist will require photographs of your face, X-rays and impressions of your teeth to determine the type of treatment. X-rays will provide valuable information on the position of your teeth and whether there are any teeth under the gums. In some cases, panoramic X-rays or cephalometrics may be required to determine the relationship between the teeth and the rest of the head.

In many cases, misaligned teeth are a genetic trait not unlike the size of your hands or your eye color. However, there are situations where teeth become misaligned due to accidents, injuries, improper dental restorations, gum disease and thumb sucking during childhood. Additionally, using a pacifier after the age of 3, prolonged bottle feeding, and tongue thrusting, are also known to cause misalignment issues.

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